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Sea Facing Cottages | El Rio Y Mar |Coron | Philippines

It was our second day in the Philippines and flew to a small island near Manila. Coron is a part of Palawan. The airport closest to Coron was on an Island called Busuanga. It was green, blue and all kinds of dreamy on the way El Rio Y Mar.

Busanga airport has to be the smallest airport we’ve ever been to. It had no conveyer belt, but instead 3 men shifting the luggage between the small flight and wooden bench in a small room. It was such a pleasant weather when we got out. The lovely people from El Rio Y Mar had sent people to pick us up at the airport. They were waiting for us and we took off. It was a 30-minute drive to a place which is almost like a backwater. The car dropped us at the place where a boat was waiting for us. A narrow stream of water in between thick mangroves on both the sides. 20 minutes of the boat and sailing in gorgeous sea green water, we start seeing El Rio Y Mar. It looked like an island with a long Jetty. As and when we got closer to the jetty, we started hearing music; Merry music and it already felt like being a part of a gorgeous dream. Watch their little song to welcome us!

What We Loved

The Rooms

We checked into a beautiful deluxe room facing the sea and the floating spa stations. It’s a gorgeous feeling to open your french window to see the calm blue sea. The beds were very very comfortable and we sunk right into it. Every room has privacy. All the pathway to walk is behind the cottage so that nobody would interrupt your view, ever.

The Pool

El Rio Y Mar has the best pool. In fact, they have two pools. One is especially for teaching basic scuba diving and the other for their regular use. This regular infinity pool has the view of the ocean with two gorgeous palm trees on either side. We had a beautiful time swimming and relaxing till late evening. Here’s a tip: Try going to the pool during the sunset, It’s the best.

Beach Dinner Experience

El Rio Y Mar arranged for a gorgeous beach dinner experience for all their guests one of the nights. The tables were gorgeously laid out on the beach right next to the water. The location was decorated with gorgeous lights and it felt like being a part of the fairy tale. We saw this setting and were looking so very forward for the dinner there. After a beautiful swim, we built up a good appetite, pre ordered our meals and came down to dinner to this stunning location. Things got even better. Read the next point to see why.

The Music Band

El Rio y mar has the most dreamiest music band. We were seated at the beach dinner and was ready to start eating the starters we had pre-ordered, when the team of three musicians came up to our table and asked for a suggestion to play for us. Such an exciting thing to have a bunch of three extraordinary musicians singing the most gorgeous songs of our choice for us. See below the songs we asked for and how beautifully they sang!

Beautiful isn’t it?

The Jetty Bar | Port Caltom’s Reef Bar.

After this beautiful dinner, we walked to the jetty. It was a big day tomorrow for us as we were going to all the lagoons and lakes in Coron. We chilling with a hot chocolate and looked at the beach and the stars. There’s nothing more calming than a staring at the stars and chilling on a jetty bar hearing the waves. Their drinks were so so good. The next night we came in for a similar experience and had their most famous mango martini and spoke to fellow travelers who all are equally in love with this place

The Activities

One of the best corals we saw during our whole trip in Philippines were the house reef of El Rio y mar! Can you believe it? They gave us free snorkeling masks and we could go exploring any time of the day! They also had free kayak’s for us to take em sailing there. If you are craving for a perfect beach holiday, El Rio y Mar is just perfect.

What we did

Our three days in El Rio y Mar wasn’t enough. Was just not enough. One whole day was spent exploring Coron’s islands and a beautiful sunset welcomed us back at the resort. We snorkeled, we kayaked, swam in the most beautiful pool, ate great food and made amazing friends. We swam in the most beautiful pool, sat by the pool. The managers and the staff here were super courteous and went out of the way to make us comfortable and happy.

How to get there?

El Rio y Mar is accessible by an airport unlike a lot of other resorts. The nearest airport is called Busuanga. We took a flight from Manila to Busuanga. You could alternatively reach Coron through a speed boat from El Nido (Which is another gorgeous city)

A gorgeous room, facing the sea here starts from ₹6151 (4950 php) To reach ERyM, they charge you ₹1870 (1500 php) to pick you up from the airport.

Come to El Rio y Mar for a relaxed two- three days staying on the beach, chilling at the jetty bar and snorkeling at the house reef. You will not regret. Promise

Here’s how you make El Rio y Mar your next check-in. Click here!

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