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The Forest Lodge Experience | CGH Earth Wayanad Wild

"Wild Wild Wayanad" Set in nature's backyard in the western ghats, Wayanad Wild is a beautiful place to visit from Bangalore.

If you've been following us for a while, you'd know we love this brand CGH Earth. Their stay is experiential and more than just a pretty room with a view. As soon as you check-in their experience coordinator will sit with you and explain about all the experiences you can take with them and help you craft your holiday and make the most of it. We loved staying here so much that we extended our stay another night.

What makes Wayanad wild so special? They've got their setting absolutely right. The typical forest lodge setting and that too within a perfect drivable holiday. Here are 9 reasons why I absolutely recommend Wayanad Wild to you.

1) Their Safety Precautions are one of the best I've ever seen. They made sure all the rooms, our luggage was sanitized, the tables at the restaurant were well-spaced, the washroom had hands free options to open the tap and the door, they took our temperature twice a day and actually noted it down, and all the people who worked there wore mask ALL the time.

2) There was absolutely no plastic in the resort. We were given distilled water in glass bottles which were sealed. This is a BIG win for me.

3) The Sulaimani chai they served when we checked in was OH SO good. We loved it so much we came back for it after every meal.

4) The meals served were incredibly tasty. Authentic Malabar cuisine. We even took a class with their chef on how to make a Malabari masala and they even packed some for us. I would go back to eat that delicious biriyani.

5) The nature walk was rustic and deep into the forest and as rugged as it can get. We crossed rivulets, overgrown tea estates, and saw some spectacular and rare birds. Their naturalist was very interesting and we loved the experience.

6) The night safari was super unique. We saw a snake, a few kinds of frog but the experience of walking in a thick dense jungle was so exciting. We even heard a sambar deer's call in the night and it was such a cool experience.

7) The location was a big win. Wayanad wild is situated right next to a rainforest making it a very cool place to stay. It was also just about a 6-7 hours drive from Bangalore through Bandipur forest. Could not have asked for a better getaway.

8) The pool was closed but the view from the pool is outstanding. We sat by the pool and saw a clear sunset. I hope you are lucky to swim in that gorgeous pool.

9) The dinner set up: All candles, lanterns and no music. The setting was beautiful

If you visit Wayanad Wild, give the team my regards, We got so close to them that it felt like saying goodbye to a friend. Do not forget to taste the yummax Sulaimani chai and the Biriyani.

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Will Wayanad wild be your next check-in?

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