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Paradise In Nilgiris | Kurumba Village Resort | Coonoor

After a good night’s sleep, we were up at 5 a.m on a chilly Saturday morning and all set for our road trip to the foothills of the Nilgiris! With a quick prayer, we fastened our seatbelts, turned on the radio and hit the highway. It was a 300+ km drive to the Kurumba Nature Resorts. For the most part, the national roads were brilliant, and Google led us precisely to our destination. There were some quite a few hairpin bends and turns along the ghats.

“Your destination will be on the right!” The google maps said. After a good drive for six and a half hours, we reached Kurumba Village Resort in Coonoor. We had fallen in love with the pictures of Kurumba and decided to spend our 2nd anniversary there.

We were welcomed with a rare tasting juice. It tasted like sugar cane, smelt like a spice. We inquired about found out that it was Pineapple juice infused with homegrown (Resort Grown) nutmeg. Tamizhselvi ushered us to the restaurant overlooking a valley with a breathtaking view. A fantastic lunch buffet awaited us. When I say amazing, it was their presentation, the sight, the smell and the aura of the place.

Kurumba Village Resort was everything one would dream of. 22 cottages overlooking the hills, a bunch of superb staff and great attention to detail given by everyone.

The view from the swimming pool! How often do you get to swim in an infinity pool between thick forests facing the gorgeous hills?

The Food: Kurumba Village Resort served some of the best food N, and I have had in any resort till date. Each dish had its own story and was unique. The ghee dosa, the nutmeg-leaf wrapped paneer, the salads and the continental food stood out for us!

The Treetop Dining Experience: Kurumba Village Resort surprised us with a treetop dining experience for our anniversary dinner! A menu cooked specially for us by their amazing head chef and served on a candlelit treetop. Sigh! It was so romantic!

The Chai Kada: Every evening, we were served chai and pakoda in a quaint little place which they fondly called the Chai Kada and designed to look like a local tea shop. Hot masala chai and chilli and paneer bhajjis served in all its traditional glory with the view of the hills.

The Room: Our cottage faced a little steam! The sound of the stream and chatter of the birds felt beautiful. So close to nature. So comfortable.

The Hospitality: A golf cart/buggy was available on call each time we wanted to go to the restaurant/pool/chai-kada. From the General Manager to cleaner, everyone was friendly, and by the end of the two days, N and I felt like we were leaving a family home and not a resort.

The Nature Integration: Little nature elements were integrated into the resort.: The name boards of the food served at the buffet which was written behind a leaf, the pool in between nature, the wooden balconies and the view of the stars from the spa.

The Nature Walk: Waking up at 6.30 am on holiday was worth it. Dinesh, our guide for the nature walk was well-read and gave us interesting stories about the forest. We chatted about wildlife, Bangalore traffic and returned just in time for breakfast: ghee podi dosa.

How to get there?

Kurumba is around 300 Kms from Bangalore. We left early morning and reached before lunch. One can alternatively take a flight to Coimbatore and drive down from there too.

Fresh air, out of the world food and some royal treatment. Perfect no?

So will the Kurumba Village Resort be your next check-in?

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