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Paradise Found | Sinna Dorai's Kadumane Estate

Are you sure this is the place?” A large factory gate opened up, and a security guard came over to check if we had a reservation. From what we’d seen online, the bungalows appeared like quaint cottages amid lush green tea estates. Little did we know that the Kadamane Estate is a large township within which the Sinna Dorai bungalows are located atop a small hill overseeing the prolific tea estates. Everything right from planting, to maintaining, plucking and processing of tea is done within the township.

The Sinna Dorai Bungalow is a short 5 minute drive through the winding roads of the sprawling tea estate from their main gate. Something about the place instantly made us feel at home. The chilled peppermint tea served at the lobby was refreshing.

Our cottage was a short walk away from the lobby. The limited mobile network availability was like a blessing in disguise and made sure we remained cut off from messaging, emails or phone calls. WiFi connectivity is available at the lobby in case you have an absolute need to access the net.

What we loved

The Rooms

The room was spacious with a lovely rustic feel to it, amply ventilated, with white drapes and a comfortable bed. The porch opened up to a well-maintained lawn and a fantastic view of the estate with a white picket fence surrounding the cottage, making the look complete.

The Food

Simple and tasty homemade food made by Mani uncle made our holiday amazing! Every meal was delicious and served hot! The use of fresh spices and the distinct flavours stood out in every bite. Rotis, pineapple curry, sambar, channa batura, the picnic lunch of biriyani, egg curry and coconut pudding were some of our favourites! Who wouldn’t love being so pampered?

The Picnic by the lake

The estate manager, Radhika, had arranged a jeep for the picnic. It was a 30-minute drive to the picnic spot from our cottage. We reached the most magical lake/river in between the forest. The place felt serene with the sounds of flowing water and the birds chirping! Little turtles and fish were seen on the clear waters of the lake. This place was something you’d dream about. We were sitting on the wooden bridge, feeding the fish and enjoying a fantastic packed lunch. Reminded us of a specific windows screensaver! See how pretty it looks?

What did we do for two days?

Sat under a gazebo with a gorgeous view of the tea estate and painted it. Tried to at least! 😉

Cycled around the property and the tea estates. Fresh and beautiful

Bonfire and some music to go with a perfect January cold night

Took some valuable tips on how to pluck tea from the adorable tea pluckers in the Kadamane Estate.

I enjoyed a blissful cup of red tea every morning with a gorgeous view!

Sinna Dorai Bungalow offers everything a person having a busy city life must have at least once in a while like completely cutting off from civilization with no internet or mobile connectivity, breathing fresh air, eating great food and some experiencing fantastic hospitality! A special mention to Radhika and her team for being amazing hosts.

N and I were in absolutely no mood to get back to Bangalore, leaving this great place. All good things come to an end, don’t they? Sigh

Check out a little video on our stay in Sinna Dorai’s Bungalow in Kadamane.