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After The Rains Resort | Wayanad | Mist, Rains & all things nice.

Is it the feeling of staying amidst the nature, or the constant chitchat of the crickets, or being engulfed in the mist, or the finger-licking good food they serve? It's difficult to pinpoint what is it that makes you fall head over heels in love with After the Rains resorts in Wayanad.

"I wish it weren't misty", the manager, Mr Jijo, said. I wondered what was wrong with a misty day. After all, I was looking forward to cuddling in the balcony and read a book. Mist will only add to the experience.

I understood what he meant when we woke up that afternoon. Our room was facing the majestic valleys and the sound of rivers flowing beneath filled the air. We sat there and counted the number of waterfalls we saw from our room as the clouds blanketed them. If this isn't a beautiful welcome, what is? :)

We freshened up and left for a walk to explore all the greenery. The thick mist rolled off the mountaintops and descended upon us as we walked around the hilly resort. The stunning blue pool at After The Rains has crystal clear water and is situated in the middle of the estate. The clouds moved around the pool, and that's exactly how I had imagined heaven.

A way to a guest's heart is through his stomach. The chef at After The Rains knows this very well. The food served to us was fresh, healthy, and they delivered big flavours from a small kitchen. Every dish was aromatic, and the taste exploded in our mouth. There was a delightful blend of north Indian and Keralite food served in a rustic mudpot. After a satisfying meal on the second day, I asked Mr Jijo, the manager at ATR, the secret of why the food tastes so good and even after eating twice the amount we usually do, we didn't feel stuffed. "Homegrown- is the answer you are looking for", he said right from the spices to eggs to the curd is sourced from the plantation and all of them are organic. Every bite of the food reminds you of something your grandma would have made when you were a kid. Sometimes, a portal to time travel isn't a door but a delish cup of chamandi aka Chutney.

The next morning, we went on a little hike through the plantation with the in-house naturalist, Mr Paul after a delicious breakfast. The Sun sparkled out of rainsoaked trees letting in filtered light. Shortly after we started our hike, Mr Paul pointed towards a little door in a colourfully painted building and said "Meet Kuttan, Nandini and Sundari". Expecting to meet two middle-aged ladies and a kid, I turned around to see three a cow and two calves. Their cuteness made my day. 'After the rains' get all their milk from this gaushala (Home for the cows). The milk served to the guests over and above what the calves need. This made the little side of me, which wants-to-turn-Vegan-but-not-able-to very happy.

We walked down further towards an opening which led to one of the most alluring places ever: The fishing pond. A green lake flanked by tall areca nut trees and the plantation. We chilled under the traditional gazebo overlooking this lake and saw the rains fall into it slowly while a few wild birds called out to each other. This is called nature therapy.

Come to After The Rains resort for a little time for yourself. Spend the time here among nature, admiring the mountains and watch the clouds play hide and seek. Have a blissful time devouring fresh food cooked by their in-house chef. Walk through the estate and touch all the touch-me-not plants and watch them shy away and close up. Say hello to little kuttan from us!.

If you wish to go on a bit of sightseeing trip, Wayanad has places like soochipara falls, Kanthanpara falls, Chembara peak, Kuruva Island, to name a few.

After The Rains resort is set in a 16-acre plantation in the western ghat mountain ranges in Wayanad, They offer earthy and local experiences with modern and comfortable rooms. You can experience the rain forest, eat delicious food, trek into local villages, enjoy a cup of steaming coffee with a book in your private balcony overlooking the mountains and rediscover the art of rejuvenation.

After The Rains Resort is a 6 hour, 300 km from Bangalore and is a beautiful drive throughout. If you visit Wayanad between June to September, be ready for a visual treat as you’d cross a lot of Flower fields in Gundulpete. The farmers love it when you visit and appreciate the fields.

The average price of After The Rains Resort is Rs 7080 on google. The price may decrease/Increase depending upon the dates.

So will After The Rains Resort in Wayanad be your Next Check-In?

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