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Postcards From Sikkim

Sikkim is all kind of beautiful. Curvy roads, stunning mountain views from every corner, dreamy prayer flags and some very happy people-  It is one of our favourite places in India.

We were invited to this beautiful state by the lovely people from OurGuest. They are an offbeat tours and travels company based out of Sikkim who aggregates unique farm stays, homestays, resorts and retreats in Sikkim & NorthEast India. We are in love with them and you’ll see why!

Take a look at these 11 incredible images of this part of the country that will surely make you want to visit Sikkim!

Stop for such beautiful views on your road trip from Dzongu from Gangtok.
Take a deep fresh breath. Munlom Nature Resort in Dzongu is untouched and preserved by the Lepcha Community.
Feel the good vibes. The dreamy prayer flags in every corner of Sikkim!
Witness the magical festival of Pang Lhabsol in Gangtok!
Discover hidden lakes hidden in valleys and surrounded by forest!
Visit this monastery which involves a little trek through a forest!
Stay in this homestay where no network can reach you!
Be mesmerized by a million waterfalls you’d see during your time in Sikkim!
The simple joy of sipping on some traditional butter tea when it’s raining heavily outside.
Devour some traditional handmade momos by your host which will trump any other momos you’d had ever in your life.
Wake up to this view every morning!

 Plan a trip with OurGuest. A good budget for a 7-day trip would be starting at INR 20,575/

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