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Postcards From Maldives

Maldives makes you feel like Photoshop got its color ideas from there. Pristine, shades of stunning blue colored water and 1200 islands in between them. This country changed the way we look at beaches.

We stayed in Kurumba, Maldives. It’s a little piece of paradise in the middle of Indian Ocean and very close to the Male Airport. 30 mins after landing in male, we were in the resort. Blue our mind away!

Check out some non-photo shopped images from Maldives that would make you want to book your flights asap!

Our First Day In Maldives: We checked-in to our room in Kurumba Maldives and came out to this view. Endless blue water!

A stunning sunset in Maldives in our Private beach

Can you hear this image? We can

Found Nemo!

Sunset. Consider yourself VERY lucky if you see sunsets often.

Do you know about that golden hour before the sunset?

Bucket list item #873947: Swim with Turtles. Check.

Basking among waters in our favorite colour!

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